Cherry-picking & Heidi’s Farm Tour

It’s been a while! Finally after 4 months, Sankei bus tour is back! This time we went to Yamanashi for cherry-picking. Though it was raining, the customers had fun. After picking and eating cherries, we headed to Heidi’s farm to eat our lunch. This time we had to follow the rules of social distancing so they had to fall in line, wait for their turn to choose their food and the staff will be the one to put the food on their plates. After eating their buffet lunch, we all went straight to the garden to view the beautiful roses. Next stop was Shousenkyo Valley. We walked towards the Senga Falls and Ishimon. Some of the customers rode the ropeway with additional fee. We felt relaxed seeing the beauty of nature. Then our last stop was at Kikyoya Factory Outlet. This time we tried “mochi tsumehoudai” wherein we will pack as many mochi as we can inside a small plastic bag. It was really fun. We wanna do it again next time. After that activity, we went shopping and then went back to Shinjuku. We arrived around 6:45 in the evening.

We’re so grateful that despite the uncertain situation of this pandemic, we were able to gather 32 people. So we wanna thank all our lovely customers who participated on our tour last Sunday. It is an honor serving you all. God bless!