Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival Tour


Sankei Travel Phil. Department went to Fuji last November 16. It was in time for the autumn season and they’re having these festival of autumn leaves called “momiji” or maple in English. This year’s autumn was quite late so only half of the trees were red but they were all beautiful. The customers were astonished, not to mention the good weather that caused Mt. Fuji to show up all day. This festival started from November 1 until November 23, located at Lake Kawaguchi. After this, we went to Asagiri Food Park to experience butter-making and eat our lunch. Butter-making was really fun, the customers got to taste it with free bread afterwards. Then here come’s the favorite part of the tour, FOOD! Filipinos really love buffet style so they can choose what they want to eat and get their stomachs full. Afterwards, they took some wonderful pictures of Mt. Fuji outside... The last stop was Shiraito Falls. We were greatly amazed by its beauty, the leaves were beautiful.. It was really refreshing. Nature is indeed the best stress-reliever!

Though it was traffic on our way home, I am so thankful that the tour ended well. A massive shoutout to our 42 customers who participated with us. See you on the next tour!