Kiyosato Terrace & Grape-picking Tour

-Anju ♥️

Sankei Travel Philippine Department went to Yamanashi last Saturday for a one day tour. First, we headed to Misaka Farm for grape-picking. It was amazing. We also met one Filipino staff working inside the farm. Our customers enjoyed eating and taking pictures. Second, we went straight to Kiyosato Terrace

to eat our buffet lunch and ride the panorama lift. The food was delicious and our customers had a great time. After eating, we rode the panorama lift going up to the terrace. It was really fun. When we arrived on top, the view was really breathtaking, not to mention the cool breeze. We didn’t have much time because we were already delayed due to heavy traffic. We cut the time and headed to our last stop, Chateraise Belleforet Winery. Here we tasted different wine and juices. They also sell cheese cake and other sweets. It was all good. The customers shopped a lot. They were all satisfied.

I just wanna say a massive thank you to all our 40 customers who participated. Maraming salamat po! ♥