Niigata Crab Eat All You Can & Apple-picking


Last December 1, Sankei Travel went to Gunma and Niigata. Firstly, we had apple-picking at Gunma. It snowed the day before so it was really beautiful. Picking fresh red apples in the snow. The customers enjoyed taking pictures. After that, we headed to Niigata Uono no Sato for lunch. This was the best part because it was crab eat all you can! The crabs were crazy huge and delicious. Everyone was full and satisfied. Next we went to Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel. The view of this valley was breathtaking. We walk around 15 minutes to reach the end of the tunnel.. We took photos there and went back to the bus. The last stop was at Ponshukan Sake Museum. The place was inside the station so it was quiet big. Some customers tasted different kinds of sake and some just went shopping. It was an amazing experience at Niigata.

Thankful to our 44 lovely customers!